Why Your Girl Cheating On You

Modern statistics about cheating are very high, and sadly it grows every day. One of the most frustrating features of this statistic is that the number of cheating women is almost equivalent to men. This has been recorded as a factor in modern society and has only been seen in recent years. This article will reveal more general reasons why women cheat on their male partners.

Reason 1: He Needs something from his partner, but he doesn't get it

It is human nature to have special needs, and successful relationships are relationships where needs have been identified and fulfilled by both parties. For this to happen, you will need very good effective communication between men and women. Both individuals must be able to discuss what their needs are, how they can be fulfilled and which are most important. Even though this sounds pretty simple, it can be very difficult to do. (source : taruhan bola )

It should be noted that women can sometimes be completely unaware of all their needs. In some situations, a woman does not know that she has a need until a man fulfills that need. However, this is not an excuse for cheating, but makes it vulnerable to people who meet needs that are unknown to him.

Reason 2: The Person Gives Her Attention

In general it is the case that cheating women do so due to lack of attention. Usually these women express emotions of loneliness despite having a husband and family. This does not mean you have to chat with him every night; You must pay attention to what he says.

By not paying attention to it at all, you will let him be lonely and isolated and make him very vulnerable to ikatan no ties ’relationships with other men. All he has to do is listen to him discuss his daily life and the woman will become his prey.

Reason 3: He Believes That He Is Ignored By His Family

The majority of married women feel truly unappreciated. In general, it appears that women feel that their efforts are not taken care of by their husbands or families. Evidence shows that women usually believe that no one will notice if they no longer exist. It was at this point that strangers could fascinate him.

A woman can question her position in a family if an appreciative individual comes and spends time paying attention. By being the center of one's universe, he felt he was no longer ignored and would experience pleasant emotions. Cheating can happen because he doesn't want to lose this pleasant situation. Paying attention to someone can be very influential, and this explains why less attractive individuals cheat with very interesting people.

While modern statistics show gender equality in infidelity, women tend not to cheat because of a decrease in opportunities compared to opportunities. Women's infidelity is often more contemplative and not impromptu, which is why it is more damaging to marriage than a man's infidelity case. However, you must keep trying to maintain the marriage and pay attention to your wife - you will be amazed at the difference (source : judi bola )