Why Your Favorite Anime Doesn't Get Second Series ?

anime fans, both new and old, are usually always worried that their favorite series will never get their second season. No Game No Life, Ookami to Koushinryou, To aru Majutsu no Index is the leading series that fans consider to have a follow-up season, although in fact the last anime is called an existing season both, but maybe many are less satisfied.

Anime producer Marina Sasaki (Barakamon, Kiseijuu) once sent an "anger" tweet explaining why your favorite anime might never get a new season ... and it's not entirely your fault! This Tweet has indeed been since 2015, but is still relevant today.

Manga was made into anime → anime became popular → sales of manga increased → Blu-ray anime didn't sell well.

It was a pain experienced by the agen taruhan bola company that had spent 200 million yen to make an anime whose sales were not selling while on the other hand, the manga was selling well. That made us think "Do we want this?

If a manga is sold in a truckload, then that's it! Usually, people will expect the second season. Even though the manga is selling well, there will not be 1 yen returning to the anime company → Blu-ray not sold → it is not possible if the second season will be made.

What if you sell licensed merchandise from an event? Royalties from anime merchandise are only a small percentage of all revenues. If you sell 10 million yen in merchandise, only hundreds of thousands of yen will enter the anime company. If you don't sell a lot of merchandise, it won't get great results. In the end, it's all difficult if the Blu-ray doesn't sell.

How is the anime made and how should it make money? That would be a good thing if the anime company could reveal the truth. A real example with real numbers will be ideal.

For buyers:
1. Blu-ray is too expensive.
2. Too many anime are made.
3. There are anime that even the viewers don't think about buying it.

In business terms:
3. Blu-ray is irreplaceable as the main source of income.
4. There is no place for anime in the disposable industry.

That can all be the reason.

No matter how popular the anime is, how many critics like it, or how deep the story is presented. If Blu-ray doesn't sell, your favorite anime will never get a new season again.